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Share your stories and experience, and  echo your own thoughts on important issues like your wellbeing, education, safety, or even future opportunities. Let us support girls to further express themselves.

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What does Dawwie do?



“You are heard!” This is one of the main objectives of Dawwie; to provide a safe space for girls and boys to share their experiences and stories so that they are heard and accepted within their families and communities. At Dawwie, we are interested !

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When you are equipped with the right set of skills, you can make better informed decisions. Dawwie offers a “digital literacy” training available for free online through our website. Click here to start your training now.

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Where is the nearest youth center to you? How about cultural center? Do you know the nearest clinic to check on your wellbeing? Dawwie offers a simple interactive map with important services and Dawwie’s activities near you.

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Dawwie’s champions

The stories shared on Dawwie’s platforms are a clear example of the importance of self-expression and experience-sharing.

These stories inspire other people and encourage them to further empower girls and to help them achieve their aspirations.

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